Atlas Corps celebrates its 15th anniversary! It is time to celebrate the achievements of our amazing network of over 1,100 leaders from 110 countries and share stories on the global impact of our Alumni, Fellows, and Scholars.

Today we speak with Atlas Corps Scholar Natalia (Cohort 4, Russia) from our special cohort of the Atlas Corps: Russian & American Women’s Virtual Leadership Initiative. Natalia and her team are helping Russian students to learn foreign languages, acquire additional professional qualifications, and reach their highest potential. For the past years, her team has worked with over 1,000 individuals.

Thank you, Natalia, for your work on empowering young social and business leaders. We appreciate learning about your impact and your personal and professional growth. We wish you the best with this impactful work!

Name: Natalia Tishina

Home Country: Russia

Current Organization: IQ Consultancy

Role at current organization: Head of In-Company Training Department (on Maternity Leave)

Social Issues that you have worked with: Quality education, Partnerships for the goals


Tell us about projects you have worked on?

My mission at IQ Consultancy was to ensure that the educational journey of each of our students is successful. As a department leader, I used to work on the improvement of our business processes and services to provide access to quality education to our students. For the past years, our team has helped over 1,000 students to learn foreign languages, acquire additional professional qualifications, and reach their highest potential.

Over the years, I’ve also led several nonprofit educational projects: schools of financial literacy, youth business camps, and youth empowerment workshops. In 2017, I initiated “The Art of Voice Control. How to be Heard.” project aimed at helping young social and business leaders communicate ideas with confidence and be perceived as energetic and reliable speakers. I continue developing it today through the Virtual Leadership Institute.

Natalia is leading The Art of the Voice Control training session, Lehigh University

Why is it important for you to work with education, leadership development, and youth empowerment?

Education has the greatest power to change lives. It grants opportunities, improves living standards, and brings peace and stability to the world. It shapes enthusiastic minds and effective leaders that are willing to make this world a better place. And I definitely want to be a part of this.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional and personal accomplishments?

Atlas Corps has shaped my understanding of where I want to move as a leader to create greater social impact. Moreover, it provided me with a brilliant opportunity to become a member of the family, where everyone is being the change they wish to see in the world.

Natalia is volunteering as Russian culture and language teacher for her colleagues from Techworld Language Solutions, Detroit, MI

What is your favorite Atlas Corps memory?

In the middle of our Leading Movements module we had the People Power Hour Call. My fellow colleagues were presenting about social movements in their countries and issues that are important for them. It was an eye-opening experience for me as I didn’t even realize some of those problems exist. What was so special about it for me? The atmosphere of the call was incredibly supportive. It was an open and sincere dialogue, where everyone felt comfortable discussing tense topics, asking questions and offering solutions. That day I felt the power of the Atlas Corps Community.

Natalia is facilitating the Empowering women through Arts social project, American Center in Moscow

What advice do you have for applicants and current Scholars?

Be proactive and open-minded. Take every opportunity you can take to make the most out of this incredible experience.

What message would you like to send to individuals who support Atlas Corps?

Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of something that really MATTERS.

On November 20, Atlas Corps celebrates 15 years of engaging social change leaders. Join us to honor our legacy of service with more than 1,100 leaders from 110 countries at the Atlas Corps 15-Year Anniversary Gala. We will convene friends of Atlas Corps from all sectors and regions of the world to reflect on 15 years of engaging social changemakers and inspire towards our future. Join to connect with our community, meet Fellows, and celebrate Atlas Corps!

Photos from the personal archive of Natalia Tishina