With a network of over 1,400 leaders from 115 countries, the Atlas Corps Community is growing every day. It is time to look back and to showcase the achievements of amazing network and share stories on the global impact of our Alumni, Fellows, and Scholars.

Join us as we speak with Atlas Corps Scholar Júlia (Cohort 8, Brazil) from the Atlas Corps: Brazil Northern States Emerging Leaders Initiative. Júlia is the Director of CDL Jovem, a nonprofit that promotes young entrepreneurial spirit through professional development and network-building activities, as well as the Founder of Urban Hero, a social startup that disseminates social projects to nonprofit institutions through social networks and emails.

Wow, Júlia, we are impressed by your multifaceted experience as a social entrepreneur! Thank you for your inspiring work in bringing awareness to issues faced in the Northern States of Brazil. We wish you the best in your current work and can’t wait to see what more you have in store for the future!

Name: Júlia Regina Monteiro Gabriel

Home Country: Brazil

Current Organization: CDL Jovem; Urban Hero; MB Consultaria

Role at current organization: Director; Founder; Marketing Coordinator

Social Issues that you have worked with: Gender Equality, Decent work and economic growth, Reduced inequalities

Tell us about projects you have worked on?

At CDL Jovem, I am currently one of the directors that is responsible for big movements like Tax Free Day, where we spread awareness to the population about the amount of taxes paid versus the return received. I also created the Pink Wave, a project that encourages female entrepreneurship.

At Urban Hero, I am currently responsible for ensuring the projects can run again; however, before that, I used to contact NGOs and social projects to help them find donors, as well as created campaigns to help them with big amounts of donation. In one of these campaigns, we achieved 25 thousand reais [approximately 3,800 USD] for organizations that help women with breast cancer! Other than those campaigns, I also created the School of Heroes, which is a project that develops young social leaders and volunteers at NGOs and social projects in matters like Digital Marketing, Photography, and Volunteer Relationship.

Until 2019, I was also the Vice President of Tchibum Institute where I also worked in various projects, from volunteer photographers to big campaigns to help local communities. I was also the director for one of the public hospitals in my city, where did weekly visits as a clown to bring cheer to the children.

Tax Free Day a movement of CDL Jovem to incentive better return to taxes paid by Brazilians and economic growth

Why is it important for you to work in social entrepreneurship ?

Since I started working in volunteer jobs, I couldn’t “unsee” the social issues that humanity is facing, especially in my region. It didn’t make sense to me, who is able to help yet not help. For me, work with social issues is a mission and a necessity.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional and personal accomplishments?

Atlas Corps has been essential for my professional career and personal accomplishments in the social sector. I’m learning a lot about social movements, how to know myself better and how to create and lead a team. Also, I’m building a big network with Scholars and Fellows, which so far helped me a lot with ideas, contacts, and benchmarking.

Volunteer at Tchibum Institute cheering up kids of a poor community in Amazonas in that day we offered toys hygine kits and food for the families

What is your favorite Atlas Corps memory?

Being able to talk with my peers from the North of Brazil! Although being so far from each other, we have the same issues. It has been amazing to exchange ideas and think about creating new projects together. Thanks to Atlas Corps! We call ourselves, “Amazon Seeds” because we are trying to create an event to make people aware about the Amazon Forest Region!

What advice do you have for applicants and current Scholars?

Apply yourselves to all activities and do the best that you can! Enjoy the network Atlas Corps provides and you can achieve goals you’ve never thought of before. The best part of Atlas Corps is not the knowledge (although it is incredible!)… The best part is the connections!

What message would you like to send to individuals who support Atlas Corps?

You are changing the world by transforming these young leaders. They just need a little push to change things around them and you guys are a big one!

Heroic October a project of Urban Hero to donate money to NGOs that help women with breast cancer – Júlia Regina Gabriel

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Photos from Júlia’s personal archive