I have had countless questions about how to scale the Atlas Corps fellowship process from application to acceptance without being stuck in the semi-finalist stage. So to save myself from answering this repeated question in my inbox, I thought it would be more beneficial to share this piece of information widely especially for those interested in the #AtlasCorps fellowship program.

Firstly, I would like to share with you that the AtlasCorps fellowship is indeed very competitive for a number of factors.

  1. Cap Limit: The number of slots the fellowship can take in a year is almost capped at 100 fellows. Also, note that Atlas Corps receives an estimated 10,000 applications every year.
  2. Skill match: For you to be selected for the fellowship, there has to be a skill match and a skill demand. Atlas corps works with organizations to match their skill demand with a prospective matching skill. Note this is largely dependent on the host organization and not the fellowship. Skill match examples include but not limited M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation), Tech (Programming/coding), Communications (journalism, videography, etc), Businesses Development, and more …
  3. Luck is your friend or better still Prayer: Whichever you believe in. Applicants who pass the initial elimination stages and make it up to the semi-final stages sometimes are kept on a waiting list for long periods… some fellows remained on this stage for as long as 4, 3, or 2 years before they were finally called up. Again, note, until and unless a host organization is found and in need of your skill you will remain in this stage. In my case, my application process was fast and happened within a year. I prayed and luck was on my side too.
  4. Host Factor: The fellowship and the host organization need to ensure that there is a demand and that your skill aligns with the skill demand of the host organization.

Lastly, my general advice for you is that you put in your application, attend application updates, and move on to your other great endeavors. If an organization finds you suitable, Atlas Corps will definitely reach out to you.

Emphasize and communicate distinctively and effectively your skill in relation to your leadership capabilities. Think about how skill can add value to a host; what is your skill bragging right? Can you work with data, lead the enormous projects, implement programs, and monitor projects? think about those bragging rights and effectively communicate those with your interviewer. Remember Atlas corps is usually looking for skills in business development, Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation, Tech, etc.

Real Examples & Scenarios: Be ready to give real examples or proves to support your claims. Show that you have lead initiatives or volunteered either at work or business or NGO or part of a team.

Vibe & Spice up your interview: Yes vibe it up; show excitement, happiness during be the interview. Smile and let the energy in you come through. No one what a sad, awkward interviewee. So get high on some sugar & caffeine

The serenity of Atmosphere: Be in a quiet place for your interview. As basic as this might sound, many candidates fail on their part to ensure the serenity of atmosphere with a lot of background noise or squirkling and irritating microphone noises. Respect the audio and serenity of the interview atmosphere.

See other success tips here https://atlascorps.org/atlas-corps-fellowship-interview-hacks you can also go to the Atlas corps website and read about other fellows blog.
Also, see this video made by my Fidelis Bonaventure –https://youtu.be/o9F-lZETJTs or interviews with other fellows here https://www.facebook.com/atlascorps/videos/553285212236128/