This is fascinating that someone is ready to say sorry on behalf of me because I am too proud to say sorry to my friends, peers, colleagues, parents, girlfriend, neighbors and many more. Here you go with a new business idea that is already in practice in Japan.

Japanese Apology Agencies Say “I’m Sorry” So You Don’t Have to

Professional apologizers will help you to accomplish this task by getting some dollars. Although this is in Japanese culture to say sorry, if someone will do it professionally that will be obliged.

Check short video “This Lady Gets Paid to Apologize in Japan (Japanese Apology Agency)

Although, apology agency is doing great work in Japan, but it’s not tested in other countries. Apology price depends on the nature of apology and estimates are from USD250 to USD400 for one time face-to-face apology. An interesting fact is that some agencies offering “apology while crying” if needed and additional amount will be charged.

I have the same question in my mind that you are thinking right now, Should we adopt this model or not? Let’s brainstorm on this and design new business model for Apology Services in Europe and America.