This verse was originally published in the ‘Men Say No’ Blogathon a part of the ‘MUST BOL’ in 2011. (Must Speak/Talk) Campaign in India and on my blog (

      ) to raise voices in solidarity through a youth movement which empowers and educates masses about safety of girls and women and engaging men and boys via writing blogs, videos, story telling and experience sharing. To encourage men to take up action against the violence faced by women on issues relating to safety, gender based biases and all forms of violations in various parts of the world where women and girls have less to say, to do and react strongly. Let’s Say No together!


Say No!

I walk alone each day –
even when you’re by my side. I Say No!

Fighting this
Not once…not twice,
But, over and over again, while they look at me with those eyes..

Teasing, tearing, ripping, raping eyes…..
and I turn to you, to see some respite.
But sadly it’s a dream,
you’re not with me.

I walk alone amidst the crowd, in the lanes of life
Brushed against, jostled and grabbed, its not a fleeting moment but everyday strife


With rage I scream to let the scavengers know
that we are more than one to SAY NO!
Fighting tears of fears, veils of shame
With a steely will and a steadfast frame


Is this storm within,
Every time I face it! I shake it!
to wake up again,
to take a stand ALONE.

Still hoping that someday you will come this way…..
Embolden my action, not let me be an easy prey
Standing together to SAY NO!

Days pass and I wait to see there is some change
You come together with me to fight back and SAY NO!
To see the scavengers go!

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