Fancy evening in Montclair Country Club, rich couples walking around in dresses and suits, listening to jazz and getting ready to bid huge sums of money to donate to Salvation Army. The place is gorgeous and feels exactly like you would imagine Gala-event-at-a-Country-Club-on-Saturday-night would look like. I know I sound a bit sarcastic right now but it is actually awesome how much money was donated to this charity. Wishing the same to every other charity!

So how did I get in? Easy peasy lemon squeezy – volunteering! My great fellow Sunga invited me to help her with volunteering as her host family was one to organize the event. Which I am very thankful for such an opportunity!

The agenda was simple. Come and register. Drink and chat. Then dinner with jokes and prayers. And…. yes! My first time hearing extremely fast speech during bidding process. Loud and charismatic man cheering up the audience that is happily putting their cards up bidding more on a prize. It was an interesting experience. And as a result Salvation Army gained good sums supporting their strong community.

We had fun volunteering too, chatting to nice old ladies in extravagant dresses. And now we know how to organize lotteries 😉 Another proof that volunteering is always learning experience and often you receive way more that give!