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As you know, I am an alumna Rotary Peace Fellow, class 8 (2009-2011), Duke/UNC Rotary Center. Many fellows have asked me in the past about this fellowship, the application process, etc… so I thought about putting together a faq. I hope this is helpful!

a) Who are the Rotary Peace Fellows who became Atlas Corps Fellows?

Katia Dantas was the first one. She is the Latin American & Caribbean Policy Director at International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). I am the second one. Hopefully, there will be more to come!

Also, Daniela Tort is the first Atlas Corps fellow to have become a Rotary Peace Fellow. She is going to Duke.

b) How can I apply?

1 – Read all the information about the fellowship here: http://www.rotary.org/en/StudentsAndYouth/EducationalPrograms/RotaryCentersForInternationalStudies/Pages/ridefault.aspx

2 – Find a Rotary club or district to sponsor you. They will examine your application and conduct an interview. The district may endorse as many applicants as it wishes. Usually, you will find a district/ club close to where you live/ work. However, if that’s not possible, go to the Rotary Peace Fellowship LinkedIn page, and ask for help: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Official-Rotary-International-Group-858557/about

3 – July 1: DEADLINE! The district submits the application to the Rotary Headquarters.

4 – November: Results.

c)  Will I get the same MA in all the centers?

No. You are able to choose centers based on your interests.

d) What’s the profile of Peace Fellows like?

You can find more information about current fellows here: http://rotarypeacecenternc.org/peace-fellow-profiles/current-fellows/

And alumni here: http://rotarypeacecenternc.org/peace-fellow-profiles/alumni/

e) What are alumni Peace Fellows doing now? Where are they?

Statistics are for all alumni through the 2010-12 class.  These statistics are accurate as of 1 March 2013.

Since the first class of peace fellows graduated in 2004, there are 718 living alumni: 484 from the master’s program and 238 from the certificate program. 688 (96%) of the 718 alumni have reported their current position to TRF at least once since they completed the fellowship.

Of these 688 peace fellows:

  • 262 (38%) work for NGOs or other peace-related      organizations
  • 108 (16%) work for a government agency or the military
  • 64 (9%) are teachers/professors
  • 62 (9%) are pursuing additional advanced degrees in      peace-related fields
  • 44 (6%) work in research or academic support positions
  • 35 (5%) work for United Nations agencies
  • 16 (2%) work for police or are involved in law enforcement
  • 14 (2%) are lawyers
  • 11 (2%) are journalists
  • 8 (1%) work for the World Bank
  • 36 (5%) defy easy categorization; these include: bankers, human resource professionals, and business owners
  • 28 (4%) reported they are actively looking for work in the field

Alumni find work around the world:

  • 197 (29%) reside in North America
  • 165 (24%) reside in Asia
  • 104 (15%) reside in Europe
  • 76 (11%) reside in Africa
  • 63 (9%) reside in Australia and Oceania
  • 51 (7%) reside in South America
  • 23 (3%) reside in the Middle East
  • 9 (1%) reside Central America and the Caribbean


I hope this is helpful!

You can always shoot me an email if you have questions.



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