Poverty? if we look deep, we will find it true, although some new thoughts and visions think otherwise.

Poverty is the cause of poor health, illiteracy, violence, homelessness, human trafficking, …etc, but poverty comes in three forms:

Absolute Poverty:
They define the most severe poverty conditions as the lack of sufficient resources to meet physical needs for health.

Most Americans believe that absolute poverty exists in places like Africa and India but is rare here in America. In fact, 48.1 million Americans live in food insecure households. 5.4 million American seniors go to bed hungry every night.

Relative Poverty:
Social workers say that the definition of poverty may be refined to this – the absence of the material needs to participate fully in daily life. They call this relative poverty.

Social Exclusion:
This term includes the many different factors that contribute to, and result from, poverty: unemployment, substandard housing, education, addiction, crime, health, and family breakdown.

To put it simply, they are saying that poverty causes poverty. It is a social syndrome more than a measure of merit. Poverty is ultimately about global, structural, and institutional relationships that create and perpetuate poverty. Government corruption, punitive interest and debt repayment, and exclusionary labor practices, for example, all contribute to the poverty trap.


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