What is communication realy?! Why is it important to communicate? Why is it important to provide people with information? What is the role of technology in disseminating information?

The simple definition of Communication is the process of imparting or exchanging of information or news. We have different types of communication this include; Verbal Communication, Non-verbal / Interpersonal communication, Written Communications, Formal &Informal and Visual Communication.

Non-Governmental Organizations whose mandate is to do humanitarian work need to ensure that they are proactive in communication. The role of communication in NGO’s is to share information, tell stories, protect the brand’s reputation, and engage in conversations that inspire people to join their organization in fulfilling its mission.

Why is communication important? As a humanitarian organization, it is required to communicate through stories, through images, videos and through words. It is through this stories you ensure that you advance the organization mission and vision.

Since your mission is in the humanitarian sector you need to inform people on how to get help, this is through providing information on what kind of services you provide as an organization.

It is through this stories that you get to inspire people therefore inspiring action. When people are inspired they tend to help, be it by donating or volunteering time to the organization. It is through stories you protect the brand of your organization.

So how do you tell your story? Your story needs to be proactive, interactive and reactive. Ways in which your story can be proactive is through press releases, media pitches, doing community presentations and speeches, designing flyers and leaflets, creating and sharing content through social media and supporting fundraising and community events.

Ways in which your story can be reactive is through responding to media inquiries, responding to social conversations, protecting your brand and reputation, and creating talking points or other messaging

Ways in which your story can be interactive is through monitoring conversations on social sites and participating in conversations. Also through engaging supporters as well as critics.

In conclusion, it is important to note that communication is much more than wants and needs.