During my visit to San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts (SFMOMA), there was an exclusive art exhibition of Rene Magritte paintings. I know, like me, most of you would be like “Who” and it’s pretty understandable. After all, we are not artsy or art enthusiasts and honestly, even I bought the tickets without even knowing who or what it was. Since I paid for it, so there is no point in missing it.

The exhibition is titled ‘Rene Magritte – The Fifth Season’. The former is the name of the painter whereas the latter part is actually drawn from one of his paintings. His sublime work was displayed in nine galleries at SFMOMA. The exhibition concluded at a contemporary interactive and fun artwork experience where the visitors transform themselves in one of Magritte’s artwork. The exhibition is basically Magritte’s journey from World War II to 1960s when he was unsure of surrealism. Yet, he was striving to evoke alternative reality beyond the accepted conventions of time and space. The exhibition is so colorful yet dubious that it will keep your thought process running and reality perspective challenged for months.

My take-away from Magritte exhibition is that it is not just the physical war that transform us or defines our future but rather the constant battle within ourselves also contributes in defining who we are. Inner battles or physical wars are ironically a combined expression of our corrupt animal instincts and our soci0-civic values. So, instead of wrangling with inner battles, complaining and bolting ourselves from the world, it is better to adopt the mechanism of appreciation and gratitude.

Appreciation and gratitude are powerful tools; they are natural expression of emotions and interactions. They are the catalyst for coherence among individuals or groups. It is high time for us to do some introspection. Let’s be grateful for the blessings and strive to bring about a real change in the world for our future generations. There is a need for Social Change leaders and we all have one in us. Lets do some introspection, find our niche and accordingly capacitate ourselves to bring about a transformation for greater good.

Enjoy a few art pieces from my camera lens 🙂

THE FOLIO – Rene Magritte Exhibition