In 2020, finding the right remote work tools has suddenly become very important. I’m sharing below tools I use daily at my work. 



Slack calls itself a “collaboration hub”, but it’s basically a chat platform for teams and individuals. It’s one of the most popular team communication tools nowadays, and it also has video calling, file sharing, and integrations with other remote working tools. It integrates with both Google Docs and DropBox. It has a robust API, enabling IT pros to tailor Slack apps for specific team needs.



Zoom is a remote work tool for teleconferencing that’s powerful but quick to get started with. it offers real-time chat, video recording, screen sharing, calendar integrations, and even virtual background and “touch-ups”. It supports dozens of participants. Large meetings with up to 500 participants are supported as an add-on feature. The pro version of Zoom is $14.99, which you’ll need because the free version caps meetings at 40 minutes. 

Google Hangouts, is a good free alternative, recently upped the Hangout participant limit to 25. 

Tools for project management and time management


Trello is about as simple as it gets when it comes to project management, but that simplicity belies incredible organizational and task management power.   It’s an app for Kanban-based productivity if you’re looking for a lighter task management tool to manage your own work or projects in smaller teams.

Trello is built around the notion of bulletin boards.


 Jira is a project management platform designed for agile development in particular. It is also owned by Atlassian which also offers the Trello app.

Google Calendar 

Google Calendar is a free time management tool for keeping your own schedule straight and coordinating with teams and customers for meetings, work sessions, vacation coverage, OOP, etc. 

Tools for design and development


GitHub is a development tool that is mainly used for version control. Developers use Git to create and work with repositories, or folders, of code. GitHub lets them easily view, share, and collaborate on them. A free plan is available

Tools for file sharing

Google Drive & Drop Box

Google Drive is an online service for storing and sharing digital files.

Drop Box is a good alternative. Free plans are available for both tools.

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