Over the past three years I’ve been fiddling with the idea of starting my own foundation, or my own nonprofit but never followed through with my desire either because of academic obligations, professional or personal obligations. My desire to establish a foundation was driven five years ago when my mother was misdiagnose with Fibroids and later found out that it was actually cervical cancer, she was unable to fight the cancer and died in April 2007. This traumatic event not only brought me closer to my siblings but also opened my eyes to what the situation was. There is this 40+ mother of three misdiagnosed by at least three doctors, an untimely death that could have…. And I mean could have been prevented if doctors were properly trained and women were educated and made aware of cervical and afforded opportunities to get check ups

Two weeks ago while in New York Participating in 2012 Nexus Summit, thanks to Atlas Corps, my passion was reignited and my dream to one provide as much assistance as I can to the women of the world became one step closer. The Nexus Summit provided a platform for young philanthropist and social entrepreneurs to gather and share experiences, ideas, innovations and partner and collaborate on numerous initiatives in an effort to provide a safe, clean, educated, free world for our present and future generations.

While at the conference I was privilege to learn how young designers are providing aids to their fellow brothers and sisters in Somalia, how through one young man’s tragic accident he is providing hope, training and mentorship to those physically disabled and is also championing national and international authorities to do the same. For all my follow youth SRHR or global Health advocates out there I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to hear that there was a session on Global health and for advocates such as Esther (Class 7) and myself hearing a speaker discuss the correlation between climate change and women’s health was a icing on the cake.

The 2012 Nexus Summit not only reignited my flame but also opened my eyes to a world of new and innovative opportunities I can embark upon in my tiny sun, sand and sea island home Jamaica. Through Nexus I have now realize how my friends and I can establish a small business providing reduced prices for social media advertising for small and lower income business, how through the many talents of my friends and I we can stage an annual concert in benefit of a social cause (simple but effective), or through our networks reach out to the private sector and the diaspora to fund several ventures geared towards women health.

The road to Nexus was a long and tedious one however I am happy I had the privilege of attending and participating.

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