There was high energy back in August 2011 when I and my Class 7 colleagues started the orientation week! Today in August 2012, after the week of graduation, welfare parties and welcoming Class 10, the high energy is still in the environment! Thank you Atlas Corps staff and fellows from so many different classes and alumni that made of this year an exceptional experience. Many are the moments of reflection that I have encountered during 2011-2012. But at this point I will like to share two main thoughts I have had during the year and that I am hoping they will remain with me for life.
The fellowship transcends the frontier of professional development. This year is not only about learning the best US practices and sharing best practices from back home. It is not only about the process of being immersed in networking events, happy hours, having the business card ready, using social media as never before, etc. It is certainly also about the hands on experience that has impressed me with the impact that fellows achieve here in the US and in other regions of the world. Serving in US also means giving back to your country or an entire region. In my particular case, I was able to collaborate and create strategic partnerships in Latin America for grants programs for youth. And, I know I am not the only one. Many of the fellows achieve the increase of diversity and scale in so many regions that Atlas Corps should be proud of. Thanks Atlas Corps!
The fellowship is also a personal commitment and transformation that will last in our memories. From wearing flip flops on the street going to work and then wearing high hills with a black dress to missing family members, friends and making new friendships from the world while figuring out the DC transportation schedule and routes, etc. The fellowship gives new perspectives and strengthens the idea that fellows are very qualified professionals that have extraordinary professional backgrounds.
I feel the nostalgia of seeing fellows leaving but I am happy for them and I am wishing them the best of luck in their new endeavors.

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