There have got to be some reasons that something is built in the way it is. I once outraged how DC buses have a black line in the window (the bottom line of the upper window), which is in the very front of my eyes. I was surprisingly annoyed by this obstacle to my eyes because it blocked the city views that I could otherwise enjoy from a running bus.
Today I noticed that that very line I was angry about made a shade on my face and prevented the rays of the strong west-sunlight from piercing my eyes. It is still an obstacle yet it was not annoying as it was. I reflected myself and thought how a human can be selfishly complain about things as to how they are.

When I was an IT project member of a financial system of a company, I was amazed by the fact that almost everything had a reason to be built in particular ways. The fact does not always make everything efficient or effective. There seem to be some other important variables that compose human’s work. Effectiveness can be argued, but in general, variables of peoples’ lives (even companies existence) are not necessarily measured by the two. As a thing is made of lots of thoughts and intentions (and “unintentions” occurred through making it), efficiency and effectiveness are definitely consciously advocated in many places. Yet things like an characteristic of a project team, few words of client’s higher decision makers, structurally addressed peoples’ will, etc. will influence how a thing is made. And many things are unique in that sense. Many human-made artifacts got explicit reasons.

Back to my annoyance to the window on the bus. Regardless of the reason why the window is that size (probably something like legal size for emergency exit), I feel like I am a bit more tolerant to that window. Stop to ponder a reason why something is in a way may make your life a bit easier.

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