As you may already know, Southeast Asia is a major hotspot for the commercial sexual activities. Many men who travel to Asia such as Thailand, Cambodia, or Indonesia seem to enjoy the easily accessible sex industry. Sadly, more than half of the sex slaves in Asia are children who may appear older, and they are being enslaved by traffickers, brothel owners, and pimps. They are usually threatened with violence and physical abuse, sometimes sexual abuse as well. These children then become so broken with fear and hopelessness that they begin to play along or actually believe that they are worthless creatures who will never be able to live normal lives. Many times, they are told that they will be killed or their families will be killed if they try to escape. Seriously, some have been sold by their parents because of poverty. Some young girls, as young as five years old, dream of becoming prostitutes and set their minds to become one no matter what. This is due to a lack of intervention and outreach in regions of Asia where children are extremely vulnerable. Traffickers tell these vulnerable human beings that they will be killed, mutilated, and stuffed in the gutter if they pursue an escape from the industry. There are also instances where these sex slaves are forcefully given drugs so that when they are eventually rescued, they actually end up going back to the brothels on their own due to the stronghold of the drugs which are overpowering their lives. They are being exploited in every which way possible, and the men who frequent these types of establishments either don’t care or are unaware.

Let’s make them care! Let’s spread awareness!

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