One of reasons for people who would like to travel in Peru or have traveled, would be Inca culture and the Machu Picchu. I was the one of them. Therefore, I allocated half of whole trip itinerary in Cusco area and the Machu Picchu. I wanted to experience Inca culture. I might have had a kind of fantasy on the ancient culture.

The first day in Cusco, I had a chance to visit one Inca village where you can see people still keep their life style as the ancient Inca did. It was a little bit different than I expected. I thought I would experience real Inca culture, but it was a well-made tourist spot. They seemed to be familiar with accepting tourists. One lady explained how they pulled out treads from alpacas’ hair and colored them in English fluently. After quick explanation, ladies with traditional Incan costume started to sell souvenirs to tourists. It was like a well-made souvenir shop. I was sad that it’s not easy to see real Incan community any longer though, it was their only income way.

Our guide explained that an international airport would be established in a couple of years later here in this area. It sounds like good news for Cusco people and tourists, as it will help the area become bigger, but after the airport is built, a few left Incan communities might be disappeared unfortunately. People think tourism, typically, helps local people earn income and become wealthy, however, it does not always do. Multi-national corporations easily accumulate a wealth by using their money power. It’s ironic that tourists go tourist spot in order to see traditional and local culture, but the area becomes bigger and grown with multi-national capital and it loses them. Am I exaggerating the reality?

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