The previous part of this article asked many questions that beg answers which never seem to come forth. On a daily basis, there is a terrorsit activity somewhere in the world. From Africa to Australia, North America to Asia and all the continents in between, nowhere is safe. But who is igniting the war and who is fighting it? Is the war not declared on innocent citizens of the world who know nothing and have no interest in how it came about, let alone fighting it?

These are delicate questions that connect to human dignity and right to life. Each moment that passes without an answer – not just an answer but the best right answer – to any of them, multiple human lives disappear from the face of the earth forever. Death is not a strange thing; it comes to us all but there are justifiable deaths and those that are not. From Istanbul, to Baghdad, to Mogadishu, to London, to Cairo, to Madagali, to Kidapawan, to Quetta, to Izmir, to Jablah, Abyan, to Aleppo, to Jourian, to Waza, to Pishan, to Brussels, to Berlin, to Orlando Florida and many other places across the globe, the act of terror is ubiquitous. Almost every continent has experienced radicalism and terrorism in one form or the other. With only halfway into 2017, there has been 1,053 registered cases of fatal terrorist activities in 48 countries brutally killing some 7,638 people. Around the same time in 2016, the world had already lost some 10,000 lives to terrorism, a death toll that sharply rose to 21,237 by the end of that year. What is being done about it?

To be continued…

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