Today, I come to everyone with questions that fill my mind. Many are the queries I ponder over incessantly yet with no clarity and answers in sight. I seek enlightenment from those who may have light and have deeper understanding on the issue of terror and efforts to counter same. Almost on daily basis we wake to horrifying news about acts of terror and the countless number of life and property it consumes yet never satiable, yet never relenting, yet never pacified, and yes, it is never ending. But why? Why don’t we seem to ever be getting the remedy to this monster called terror? What is the exact cause of terrorism and extremism and who is/are causing them? What then is the approach: individual, community, religious, national and international? What have we done and what has been the progress or successes of our efforts thus far? Where do we stand in the quest of fighting terror and saving innocent lives and properties? Have we gone back to the drawing board yet; do we need to; who are the engagement partners in redefining our approach? What is the strategy going forward; do we have one; who has it, who is leading the chart; will it work; what is the time frame? Why has it taken so long without any seeming evidence of triumph? Is it not the demonstration of the greatest form of weakness as we watch on perplexed and lives are being gruesomely flashed down below the ground?

To be continued…

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