We often find ourselves struggling to decide between picking better things or more things. Sometimes, quality is more important, other times quantity. From shopping for groceries or clothes and other resources to making business decisions and even in our day to day activities, it comes up very often. You would probably have found yourself trying to decide between less high quality items or having more quantity than quality.

If you are in the world of monitoring and evaluation, you have probably heard of inputs, outputs outcomes and impact. Good output doesn’t necessarily lead to good outcomes or impact. You could train a large group of people and not make a change in their knowledge or behavior. In this sense, quantity does not equate quality and you might be better off putting more time and resources on a select few if you are bound to make a change in their behavior or knowledge.

In the business world, you might also favor quality or quantity depending on your business model. Stores like Walmart, Primark and Target are known to produce large quantities of affordable products as opposed to designer stores. They generate a very high turnover and that business model works for them. Designer brands, on the other hand, prefer to make good quality products and sell at higher prices. Both have different markets and they cater for different kind of people. If

In terms of food, preference varies greatly. I would rather buy 2 non branded milk than pay 2 or 3 extra dollars for a branded one. On the other hand, I may prefer to buy fruits with better quality than more quantities. Its all about personal choices. Personally, I think quality trumps quality but then thats my opinion. Whichever you go for, make sure its your choice.

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