The attention of the world is now focused on COVID-19. Countries, organizations and individuals are now more educated about pandemics and infectious diseases. The world has seen the importance of public health emergency preparedness. We now see how closely connected we are. We now know that one infectious disease case in Wuhan China can get to a village in Ogun State Nigeria.

How is this new and increased level of global awareness breeding career opportunities in the public health space?

Are there funding or grants available to implement public health programs that will get countries prepared?

What are the opportunities arising on Global Health Security?

How do you position yourself as a medical or public health practitioner to access the opportunities that are coming up?

An African proverbs says, “It is he who gets to the stream early that fetches clean water.” You can be ahead of your game. You can be ahead of others. You can make a career shift or advancement in the public health space.

Watch this video to point you in the right direction.