I chose to intern at Atlas Corps because I wanted to work in the executive office and learn about how organizations work from the strategic level. When looking for internship opportunities, I looked for opportunities at organizations that would value me as a team member and provide me with experiences that would prepare me for my career after college. After interviewing, I was convinced that Atlas Corps would provide me with a working environment that would allow me to grow professionally, as well as personally.

I am most excited to experience bringing on another class of Atlas Corps fellows. Atlas Corps fellows are some of the brightest nonprofit leaders in the world, and I am really looking forward to meeting them and learning about their work. Not to mention, during training week I am told interns are able to listen to the keynote speakers and participate in the leadership exercises. In addition, I’m excited to participate in Atlas Corps’ 10th Anniversary Gala. There will be several high profile professionals attending the Gala, such as U.S. Senators and nonprofit founders, and it will be a great opportunity to expand my professional network. Overall, I’m excited to experience working on executive office projects. This is a really exciting time for Atlas Corps because it’s currently expanding and branching out their operations.

While at Atlas Corps I hope to gain a wide array of professional skills. As an Executive Intern, I work on special projects for the CEO and provide general support for the executive staff. In doing these projects I hope to apply and hone my research, writing, and analytical skills while learning how to manage my time effectively and meet deadlines. I am also really interested in learning more about data management and using data management software. I know Atlas Corps uses SalesForce for client relations management, and knowing how to use SalesForce is a valuable skill for any job. Most importantly, I hope to improve my communication and teamwork skills. To my benefit the Atlas Corps staff have accepted me as a member of their team and listen to my ideas. Atlas Corps creates an environment in which the interns have a considerable voice in the decision-making process, and I get the feeling I will grow professionally in this position.

Andrew WainwrightAw2127a@student.american.edu

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