In December 10, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted at the United Nations by the world leaders. Unfortunately, human rights violations through torture, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrest, genocides, crime against humanity, war crimes, crimes of aggression, unfair trials, mass killings, raping, racial discrimination, gender inequalities, enforced disappearances to unlawful eviction, are still common in many Countries.
The use of weapons and drugs has contributed considerably to the great extent the serious consequences and repercussions of the day-to-day commitment of abuses and violations of human rights to the vulnerable group of people. I have to cite some countries like Syria, Yemen, Liberia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Central Africa Republic, Pakistan, Palestine, and Nigeria among the rest where the citizens are suffering because of the political crisis caused by politicians both internal and external but the body called United Nations still has not contained the political dilemma in this world.
Most of the Countries around the world have interfered with the right for freedom of expressions, associations and assembly. The journalists and politicians from minority groups are always the victims greatly in the Countries where civil wars are ongoing and even some peaceful countries. They are locked in but the world body has not been coming out explicitly to condemn the Countries where Journalists and politicians of conscience are behind bars for many years and some are killed because of reported the cases of abuse and violations to public.
Human rights are always abuse on the gender equality where by women are discriminated based on gender issues in the public life being in the political arena, and decisions making. Deprivation of owning property, gender based violence, bad cultural practices like female genital mutilation which is causing a lot lives, human trafficking, raping are grave human rights violations targeted to women but they are going on freely without question to make perpetrators accountable.
In addition to that, the people with disability who are perceive as the protected group of people in some communities around the globe have burden and embarrassment from relatives and government concerned. Most of this vulnerable people are spending their lives in the streets as homeless without basic needs like food, health, clean water, housing and employment opportunities.
Furthermore, the child labor in some countries where civil wars are best ruler of the countries, the children are forced to be child soldiers, the abductions of children are always perpetual, child defilement, child lack of access to education, child trafficking, and maiming of the children during war time by the warring parties.
Nevertheless, subordinate or third world countries are become the victims of well-of countries. The political double standard and economic interests are fueling wars and failing many countries in Sub-Sahara Africa and South Asian where level of poverty is alarming. The resources they have are not adequately benefiting the citizens where the resources are exploited in their Countries.
In conclusion base on the aforementioned issues to the categories of people, I can say freely that there is need for the United Nations body plus the powerful countries to hold the countries, which are blocking the fundamental human rights to the citizens accountable. Moreover, eliminate the political double standard and economic interests and try to play a fair game, which is not harmful to the citizens in various countries. However, the protection, promotion and fulfillment of the rights of the people are not clearly well respected in the world.

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