Dear Friends and colleagues,

I would like to introduce with my Community Action Project in Albania  during a year Fellowship I have served at the Open Gov Hub as an Atlas Corps Fellow the OGH is a unique co-working community in Washington, D.C. and a network of 40 non-profit organizations/NGOs they are working in more than100+ countries – including South Africa – to promote transparency, accountability, and civic engagement around the world. As you know, open government reforms are key to advancing economic development and social welfare in the US, In Albania, and in all countries around the world, so I am really excited to be supporting this critical work and help my country right now in its reforms.

Promoting Open Government in local, national and international level ” is a project with two complementary main activities (I: a training webinar based on the participants’ needs and on my experience in the United States, as an Atlas Corps Fellow at OpenGov Hub, focused mainly on transparency and government accountability, and II: To support the global open government movement by helping OpenGov organizations and partners share resources to be more efficient and collaborate to be more effective).

The Open Gov Hub was established as the first co-working space and network for open government in the world, and as a non-profit social enterprise in late 2012 with Global Integrity and Development Gateway as co-founders. The founders and many of the leaders of the Hub member organizations were previously senior leadership at the World Bank, with decades of rich experience in international development. There are currently two global affiliate Open Gov Hubs – the first in Kathmandu, Nepal and the other in Monrovia, Liberia, and we are trying to support more global Hubs with this theme with all this knowledge and experience that I got here I will definitely try to Open a new Hub in Albania.

The project will be based on helping educate citizens to monitor public budgets. The project will create opportunities for more than 200 youth workers and youth leaders from partner organizations and also interested youth to directly get introduced to the Atlas Corps Fellowship opportunities and to learn about positive youth development as a successful tool for youth and civic engagement. In addition to this the project include helping create tools for citizens to give feedback to improve the quality of government services like health and education moreover helping citizens, governments and businesses all make use of open data.