” I didn’t even realize how much I was hiding in my everyday life until being surrounded by a community of beautiful and powerful people who have been so accepting of my real, whole self”. Since the start of my journey as an Atlas Corps Fellowship, I have been so empowered by the power of this fellowship community. I have found a family, community, belonging, infinite support, nurturing of ideas, love, and understanding. It’s what I needed to push forward, it’s what I needed to propel me and it’s exactly what I needed to actualize my dreams/pursuits. With only less than 90 days to go, I can say, “I will walk away with powerful skills, lifelong friendships and access to a community that I have tapped into countless times”. The fellowship has exposed me to so many leadership and facilitation experiences I have been craving and it has empowered me with confidence to actively seek out such opportunities in other avenues as well. I am proud to share that through this fellowship experience, I have been recognized at other platforms and even more important is the sense of confidence I feel in my life which I can also attribute to the fellowship program.