After three overwhelming days in the big apple I want to share ten of my personal reflections on the Social Good Summit:

1. I appreciate DC more now. Everything runs at a human pace here, the architecture is relaxing, and the people are sane!

2. Inspiration is the fuel for good work and innovation. So figure out what does it for you, and get your inspiration on!

3. A lot is going on in the world, go out of your way to try new things and be open. It is usually very uncomfortable for me to listen to detailed conversations about things that I don’t fully understand, but that only drives you to know more!

4. If what you do for a living does not excite you, Quit! It is very important to love what you do. In the social good summit, it did not matter if you are a multi billionaire business man, or a young girl who didn’t even speak English. Those who had impact and who inspired where those who were passionate about what they do!

5. Commit to investing in one young person (No, not yourself!). It is very fulfilling and motivating.

6. Do not measure your achievements by outcomes only! Inputs are great achievements, acknowledge that!

7. Some of the speakers in the summit (e.g Malala and Alba) proved to the world that your circumstances never determine where you go, or what you become. And the only limitation one has is inside their heads (cliché but true).

8. If you succeed in any project, well and good! If you fail, accept that, talk about it, publish/tweet/share it so that others can learn from your mistakes. And MOVE ON!

9. Take the time to learn more about the technological advances in the world. It is a huge force multiplier that can and will save millions of lives.

10. Don’t go to New York! (Kidding)


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