Terrorist acts are criminal; no cause can justify the terrorism. We are reminded that violence continues to inflict pain and suffering on people all over the world. Hardly a week goes by without an act of terrorism taking place somewhere in the world, indiscriminately affecting innocent people.

Unfortunately innocent people in Pakistan also continue to bleed and burn in this fire of extremism. Peaceful, tolerant land of enlightened Sufis Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast and Bulleh Shah has turned into place of fear and despair. Humanity is paying price of blunders committed by the fanatics in the name of race, religion and nation. Sadly helpless community is suffering the aftermath.

The growing religious exploitation, terrorism and many unfortunate events have tarnished the image of country and the darkness of cruelty overshadowed the shinning beauty of inter-faith harmony. We haven’t yet recovered the wounds of attack on Army Public School Peshawar in December 2014 and yet yesterday another brutal act of terrorism during a religious procession killed scores of people and left many scores seriously injured. This situation has two prone negative affect, in the short term it takes many lives, left people deprived from their beloved, their belongings, restlessness among society, poverty and in the long run it creates conservative, rigid society and tarnished image of country to the rest of the world

Bomb-blast-during-muharram-procession-in-Jacobabad-Pakistan. Oct 23, 2015

Bomb-blast-during-muharram-procession-in-Jacobabad-Pakistan. Oct 23, 2015

I also believe that our broken and dysfunctional education system creates a gap which is filled by fanatic elements. Consider that a village where public schooling is dysfunctional due to any reason, may it be poverty or teacher absenteeism and so on it basically creates opportunity for a religious exploiter to penetrate in the grass-root using religious authority as a shield followed by non-registered Madrasa as safer and unchallenged platform.

During my experience and exposure of different country and interaction with development professionals, I have learnt that progressive and tolerant society can only be formed by reforming broken education system, which provides access to quality education to children. We can overcome the challenges of exploitation by fostering global partnership and engaging children and youth in constructive activities.

It has only been a month I completed US based fellowship and returned to home country. I knew that in addition to reverse cultural shock, I will come across many other challenges but I also believe that I am stronger now than I was before. Certainly best host organizations I served, prestigious sponsor #AtlasCorps, amazing people I met and connected during different events and my awesome fellows are source of my inspiration and strength. Inspired by all of you, I have initiated a social enterprise CHILD RISE, which aims to bring lasting impact in the lives of children and youth and empowering them through education and unlocking their potential in protective and enabling environment. I believe this is one way we can contribute to combat extremism by educating children. Countering this scourge is in the best interest of all the people and all nations.

This is much more than just a blog. It is a pledge, an opportunity to bring change, an invitation to make an impact through your time, talent, cash and kind, and it is a call for action.

Change happens when we work together across the borders, to make our world safer, communities stronger and environment cleaner. I am making an impact by contributing in CHILD RISE, how are you making an impact?

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