The start of a new year brings with it a great deal of uncertainty, transitions expectations, hope and for some us “ new resolutions”… good luck with latter. The start 2013 started off rocky as all my New Year Eve celebratory plans fell through and I thought, “ Darn this is not a good way to start the year”. Nevertheless I was adamant that I will make 2013 MY year.

My first step was to erase the idea of creating “new year resolutions” as I would either not complete them or stop at the end of the year. Rather I decided to create “ positive lifestyles changes” that I will utilize in all spheres of my life…Will that be an easy move? NOPE, but if I am determine to make this change a reality I need to work hard in order to reap the benefits.

In looking back at the past month I decided to share this blog with you, as within the first part of the new year I had to face a major transition, an unexpected change that had to be dealt with no only immediately but cautiously. Despite being caught by surprise, upon notification I made a conscious effort to transition into damage control mode rather than a sad disappointed mode in addressing the change.

To my surprise my transference of an assumed negative reaction into a positive one allowed me to effectively address the issue while remaining cool calm and collective. The process however, was not an easy one my friend as I had to be very honest with my self and others within my immediate and extended surrounding. I also had to ensure that I was firm, and clear on how I felt and the way forward.

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