During the last week I had the chance to attend one of the biggest conferences in the states, Points of Light’s Conference on Volunteering and Services!! This conference hold on Washington DC and nearly 5,000 participants from different 40 countries in the world..

It was a great experience and challenge for me to meet this number of active participants from different political, racial, religious, age and geographic boundaries to come together in a powerful way and discuss one issue The Service Unites!!

Most of the attendees were young group, who have a passion about their work and motivated to help each other. everyone was talking about his/her experience and trying to share his/her goals with others to find some support or build relation with other organizations that can help them to strength and achieve their goals.

The first day was very motivated and enthusiastic, I attended the Global track kickoff session that was focusing in many project that running in the world and discuss the impact and outcome of these projects. and then the opening plenary that we had a lot of great moments – from conservative political strategist Karl Rove dancing with liberal strategist Donna Brazile on the first day of Conference, to Governor Chris Christie’s inspiring tribute to the volunteers from around the country and around the world who came – and keep on coming – to help New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Three days of sessions and presentations, more than 100 new friends, and motivation. I think these were enough for me to be happy and to keep me working and supporting the volunteering work all over the world!!



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