Friday, November 20th. At 8:00 in the morning people started to come to our session at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting.

It was called Teaching How to Read, Write, and Participate on the Web: Web Literacy for Educators

Our audience was very diverse in terms of skills, professions, interests, and occupations.

We had 8 intense hours full of sharing, reflection, comprehension, collaboration and participation.

The agenda included different activities around web mechanics, composing, remixing, privacy, community participation, open practices, and sharing.

The objective was to practice and learn web literacy skills, and be introduced to information on how to teach others how to read, write, and participate on the Web.

One of the things that participants liked the most were the Lo-Fi activities, which helped them to understand in a concrete way, many abstract and complex concepts about the web…

“I enjoyed that it ranged from no-fi activities to very lightweight editors that wouldn’t take a lot of processing power. I enjoyed that we were able to contextualize it for our own experience. In practice at my school, I would probably stretch this training over time”. ceerogers2

“I really enjoyed to group/unplugged activities. I plan to incorporate more of these in my teaching”. randyia

Another remarkable finding for some educators was learning that digital skills can be integrated into the curriculum, across different areas:

“I used to think that coding and related activities were reserved for a computer class or content area. I now think that it can be integrated across MANY content areas. I am very excited to collaborate with colleagues in doing this”. hellokate77

“I used to think that learning to code had no purpose in the English classroom as I have known it, but now I think that I was wrong – it has a place I need to learn how to integrate and build on to improve the web literacy of my students in this ever-changing digital landscape of learning”. finchgirl10

Some testimonies

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The Crew…

An-Me Chung, Chad Sansing, Andrea Zellner, Carolina Tejada, Julia Vallera


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