I always think that the world needs more photographers. We need more life witnesses to share realities. As humans, we ignore many truths and lies from around the world. We tend to forget history but at the same time we are deeply addicted to treasure moments. I love the very classic and old school way to define photography: “The visual capture of an instant that will never happen again”, but I have to confess that photography got me at the process. The road to catch it, the steps to provoke it, the tiny details, the choices to build the final footprint of that exact second.

What would the media print or broadcast if images didn’t exist? Where would be the proof? Who would we blame about the evidence? And sometimes that is not even enough to believe in a story, nowadays everything can be constructed. Anyone with good tech skills can fool us.

We need more of the real photographers, the ones that risk their lives in conflict zones, those who are willing to walk on the edge of a ladder to catch the eyes of a kid inside a refugee camp. Those who can be fascinated about the small details of a flower but also touched by the old man seating on the street. A photographer needs to see but also to listen, to ask, to touch, to live. It is not only a matter of image, it is also about the courage to publish it, to explain it as it is -as it was- and to advocate for it. He or she needs to be strong enough to make that piece of reality survive. An image is worth a thousand words, but those words need to be said, written, heard and read. As well as shared.

The power of the shot in a world we cannot control. If everybody had a camera and a voice, that would be true democracy.

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