Dena is a vibrant local ambassador helping incoming fellows to blend magically in Philly. She is a young girl with a big smile working as director for communications in a school. Loaded with big number of friends, she is indeed the perfect companion in Philly.

Glimpse about our first meeting

Before I arrive to the states, I was introduced to Dena where her name rings in my ears as an Arabic name. She was keen to listen to my concerns about the accommodation. Post my arrival to Philly, she meet me and my fellow – Mohsin where she gave us tons of tips to unfold the beauty of Philly. Starting from spacious parks, going though restaurants with huge array of cuisines – as Reading Terminal Market – to knowing friendly people. To find some “finger licking good” appetizers, check the video of Reading Terminal Market.

Smiles in the Air

Friendly people are the cue to have an intriguing experience. I remember we all went to a social hub named Schmidt’s Common to watch an incredible classic movie. Vibes of that place are apparent in the video below. 

We met Dena’s friends who are typically cool as her. Of those friends, Rebecca which is not an ordinal science teacher for the elementary grade. She amazingly keeps her mind busy with every trend to fire up the passion of her students via google card boards, engagements and competitions. Rarely do you find such a sharp entrepreneurial mindset in a teacher. Carmen is another friend where she is likely look like one cast members of the “Made in Chelsea” – the elite UK TV series. Coming from family with Arabic roots and members spreading among different countries, I think she represents a genuine fusion of different cultures. With such friends you could easily find the time slips.

Truly, it is amazing to see a place in the eyes of locals. That would definitely make you step back to reflect stories, cultures and beauties. Feeling grateful to find a shinny local ambassador as Dena. I look forward for more friends and stories to fire up this journey.

Keep tuned for more stories !


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