Half way into my year in the US and therefore my glimpse into the non-profit sector from the other side … the same questions keep on being raised. “Philanthropy” certainly has become the buzz word and with that, many catch phrases and key words that need to be included in every conversation. The fact that this sector is getting so much ‘publicity’ is great, but I cannot help but think: ‘at what expense’!? The Why is often lost in the marketing campaign, taking away from the authenticity and most importantly not benefiting those who are actually really in need and so deserving of it. The stark contrast between the ‘nice to have/do’ as opposed to the ‘necessary’ is always evident, and continues to widen the cleft between those that have and those that don’t, creating an unhealthy dependency.

The below article was a great find for me in articulating this specifically:

“Early on in our philanthropic journey, my wife and I became aware of something I started to call Philanthropic Colonialism” – Peter Buffet

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