I would like to emphasize the theme in my work of life with people with a disability in South Sudan and worldwide in general. Today due to inadequate guessing of the needs of the vulnerable people with a disability, inside is always burning and grieving for help to unleash their potentials to the world but it is not forthcoming.
There are still widespread misconceptions and stereotypes about people with a disability. These include that they are a danger, a burden, and a threat. It is not uncommon to hear people express the view that people with disability would be better off in institutions with people of their own kind. There also appears to be a common belief that people with a disability are not able to make a significant contribution to the community, and that they are somehow not of equal value as human beings and members of the community. Many people have low expectations of people with a disability, believing that they cannot learn or are not able to do anything useful. They are often denied opportunities to experience life, to explore their potential and achieve success, because it is assumed that their potential is limited. It is often stated that people with a disability are tolerated in the community, but tolerance is not acceptance and genuine inclusion.
In a society where the values that predominate are power and wealth, physical prowess and beauty, intelligence, competition, autonomy and self-control, many people with a disability are marginalized and devalued. It could well be that many people are fearful about engaging with and including people who live with a disability as a result of a lack of knowledge, and that people with a disability are treated as ‘the other’ rather than involved.
What I know so far is that they are capable of doing what we do but they need help from the people so that their expectations is achieved and legacy remain as steadfast to set the future generations in the full support for people with a disability of different types. To achieve this goal it needs attachment and team work with them.
Around the world, these people are regarded as valueless base on their vulnerabilities; however, they are talented as well as we do who are normal. Their fundamental rights are supposed to be fully respected, and fulfilled with due meticulousness all the time. The world leadership should prioritize the fulfillment without reservations at all levels such as national, regional and international member states. The legal framework is the core and implementation is other difficult phenomenon which is not always the case to the actors or implementers.
To add my voice on how people should be treated that they deserve housing facilities, employment opportunities, quality of life through best medications, education, involvement in decision making, facilitated to have their own choices in what assistance meant for them and have right to marry and be married. No wonder that you are still getting the majority of these people sleeping on the streets, and roofs of the outraged houses and make them vulnerable to diseases and harm from criminals.
The communities and relatives of people with a disability should step up to enhance the better and quality life of these people; the government should make laws that protect their fundamental rights and smooth service delivery to them; the nonprofit organizations which are always working for these people should identify their needs and match the needs with resources available so that they realize the enjoyments of these rights, Countries with civil wars should protect the life of the people with disabilities because they are always the victim of the fight they do not know; the national ministries education and stakeholders should establish the schools that facilitate the conducive learning environment of the people with a disability; the employers should be attentive to make sure that the people with disabilities are accorded assistance to get the meaningful jobs based on their talents.

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