On Thursday, February 2, 2012, Director Aaron Williams of the Peace Corps addressed our Fellows. The event celebrated our achievement of 50 Fellows in the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps and our 5th year. You helped us achieve this ambitious goal!

Director Williams shared his personal journey from starting as a young Peace Corps volunteer to USAID diplomat to International Youth Foundation President to becoming the 18th Director of the Peace Corps. In a candid, casual, and inspiring conversation, he shared how his journey changed his perspectives and opened his eyes to the world of possibilities.

I sat humbled as this impressive, international leader praised Atlas Corps and engaged our Fellows. He also shared some valuable advice:

First, to be a good leader, we need to be good followers and great listeners.
Second, we need to embrace risk and not fear failure.
Third, we need to be volunteers – volunteers for new challenges; volunteers to improve our communities; and volunteers for life.

In what was supposed to be an hour speech (which became a 90-minute conversation), Director Williams articulated the power of international service, the potential and need for global leadership, and the long-term impact of Atlas Corps. The Peace Corps even experienced Atlas Corps first hand as a Host Organization for two of our Class Five Fellows. It is reaffirming to have such an experienced global leader shower complements on our Fellows and rearrange his busy schedule to clearly demonstrate his support of our work.

Today, Atlas Corps is a global community of 108 leaders from 32 different countries. More than that, we are a movement of thousands of people, including you, who believe that the only way to address the critical challenges in the world is by working together across borders.

In 50 years, what will the 40th Director of the Peace Corps say during the 55th Anniversary of Atlas Corps? How will our work today, shape the world tomorrow? I take great inspiration in knowing that while we don't know what tomorrow will bring, I am proud of what we have accomplished, together, and what we are doing today to make the world a better place for decades to come.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale, Founder and CEO

P.S. Let's embrace this spirit of service – share your support of Atlas Corps! Read our brochure; download our iPhone application; Host a Fellow; Become a Fellow; Invest in our Fellows. Together, we are a global community supporting one another's commitment to our world.

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