My Passport Power:

I had never realized how powerful my country’s passport is. I shared this fact with Korean friends saying that we have the top 5 powerful passport in the world.
Through this fellowship, I’ve got to know how strong it is and thankful I am as a citizen of it as meeting various people from all over the world. (I’ve got to know it this month lol)
Hey S.Koreans! We should be proud of it.

Since I came to the US, I have talked to many people and as I got to talk to them, I found out how powerful my passport is.

For example, I went to Canada to visit my brother and my fellow friends asked me how long it took me to receive the visa. They want to visit Canada. They said that they have to apply for visa. I was surprised when they talked about the visa.
I have never applied for visa to visit Canada. Since South Koreans need to bring only the passports, I did not and have not thought about how powerful our passport is.

As time goes by, I hear more about passport power.
One of the fellows told me that we have one the powerful passport in the world.

I, myself did not know about it since I attained this right to travel many countries without visa unknowingly. I thought it applies to everyone.

If I did not come to America through this fellowship, I would not have known how thankful my nationality is. Since this fellowship brings many people from many other countries, it gives me an opportunity to see the world differently. I’ve never realized how thankful to my country and now I appreciate how South Koreans work hard in order to achieve this right. Thanks to my country!

This link shows the powerful passport rank in the world. Take a look it 😀

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