If you are an atlas corps fellow serving in DC, Passport DC is an event that you shouldn’t have any excuse to miss. As an annual celebration of international cultures, it showcases more than 70 embassies in DC with tours of and hundreds of events including street festivals, performances and exhibitions. Visiting 10 countries (embassies) in one day is no longer a dream.

Passport DC 2015 was a whole month-long celebration and the embassy open house is an important part of it, which was split into three weekends – one for Latin America countries, one for Europe, one for Asia, so that you make flexible choices and arrangements.

As Atlas Corps fellows, the tour provided us more senses of belonging when we go to the embassy with a fellow from that country. Or even if you are going alone to one where you know a fellow from that country, the embassy will present some familiar features to you because of the fellow. While we were in Nicaragua embassy, Lucia made us feel we went to her home. She introduced us how the picture on the ground was made by wood and put the beautiful grass hat on our head. Watching the dances at Columbia embassy made me think of Angela’s moves.

Note: be patient in the line as you might need to wait for more than one hour to get in some popular embassies…

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