When The Elders are speaking words of Wisdom, the Young listen and get inspired. but now, The Elders want to hear from you. Yes You. Join the debate here : http://www.theelders.org/elders-plus-youngers

The Elders Want to hear from you Join the debate Photo Credit- Jeff Moore The Elders

The big questions

What kind of world do we want for our great-great-grandchildren? People, profit and the environment – can we balance them, or do we have to make a choice? Can global summits achieve anything? How do we create change – starting now?

In June 2012 world leaders will come together for Rio+20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Twenty years on from the first historic Rio Earth Summit, urgent action is now needed to address human and environmental crises on a global scale. It is time for a real, inclusive conversation about the world we are leaving to future generations – and it is vital that today’s youth have a voice in the decisions that will affect them for decades to come.

The Elders have joined forces with TckTckTck to launch Elders+Youngers, a series of online debates between four Elders and four ‘Youngers’: leading climate change activists from Brazil, China, Nigeria and Sweden who are committed to putting sustainable development into practice.

Elders+Youngers explores what we want our shared future to look like and ideas for how we get there. The online series is open to everyone around the world, young and old. The series will culminate in a face-to-face dialogue between the Elders and Youngers at the Rio+20 itself

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