I had the privilege to live in Palo Alto city for two months before I decided to move to San Francisco, Palo Alto is a small great city in California, it’s about 50 miles south San Francisco city.

Palo Alto where the headquarter of Apple, Facebook, and Google, it also has Stanford University, and because of all those big names out there housing was crazy at that city, it’s normal to end up in 6 beds bedroom paying 1500$ a month!!

Facebook Headquarter, and you could also find Mark’s house 😉

It’s always worth it to visit Palo Alto, you can take the Caltrain and you’ll be there in 45 minutes from SF.

while you are there you’ll get to see, 

Crage of Steve Jobs and his house.

Google Headquarter.


While I was there I witnessed Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Houses there are absolutely beautiful ( all reach people of course!! ) and unlike SF, Palo Alto is very very clean, quiet and you never see any homeless people in the streets. Also because of all the above, the public transportation is not good at all!! simple because people are too reach and they can afford cars !!

I’ll let you enjoy the following pictures of beautiful Palo Alto during Fall and Christmas.


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