Pak-US relations have always been very controversial in the sense that most of the people in Pakistan believe that the US can embrace or discard any one for its own interests. That is why, a common Pakistani usually has anti-American sentiments. US every year releases a huge amount of money as ‘grant’ to Pakistan. US is the biggest grant provider to Pakistan. Being a finance reporter, I have a clear idea that the no other country of the world provides that much handsome grant in the form of development assistance to Pakistan. Then why anti-American sentiment…..why to spend American money and say we hate America…..why that much difference between theory and practice?
If we look back in history, we come to know that 9/11 proved to be very cause of this hatred. After 9/11 when Pakistan decided to join hands in hands with US in its war against terrorism; almost half of the people in Pakistan opposed this decision of the government. They thought US just want to kill the Muslim community and that is why the former has itself dramatized the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon. They felt that now US would start killing innocent Muslims in the name of terrorism. This feeling afterwards changed into hatred.
Currently, Pakistan is facing extremism and militancy in the form of bomb blasts and other terrorist activities. Most of the people in Pakistan believe that the security situation in Pakistan has been deteriorating since 9/11. This situation led the government of Pakistan to start an open war named ‘Zarb a Azab’ in its Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on June 15, 2014. The main purpose behind the decision of starting an operation in FATA was to uproot militancy and the traces of extremism from the soil of Pakistan. According to the government’s claims the operation has been very successful since the time of its inception. Despite the repeated clarifications by the government of Pakistan that to initiate Zarb e Azab was purely its decision and its fruitful results in the form of a comparatively better security situation; most of the people still blame US that she is killing their country’s innocent people by providing financial support for this operation to the government.
At present I am serving in Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) as a fellow of Atlas Corps. One week ago Atlas Corps arranged a formal discussion of all new fellows with US Ambassador Kristie A. Kenney, Deputy Assistant Secretary to Public Affairs. During the discussion, i got an opportunity to ask a question about the US point of view about the current security situation of Pakistan. Kristie smiled and said, “The security situation in Pakistan is incredibly complicated. Pakistan has got the both social and security issues. We are trying to work with Pakistan for peace in the country”. She was to the point and I realized if I have had asked the same question from my government the answer would not have had been different. So, here you go.
In brief, every problem has its solutions. It is obvious that in order to uproot the anti-American sentiments completely from the heart of a Pakistani; at first we have to eliminate these negative sentiments especially with the help of media.

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