It’s time for rolling back poverty and freeing our mothers from the yoke of lack of water, our youth from joblessness and our children from disease. With God’s help, we have the capacity and ability to transform South Sudan to be a developed nation.

We must ask ourselves, what is our desire to be a nation? Is it because of power, killing, hatred, tribalism and what so ever offenses? I say no. All we seek is goodness and development for our people. There is no romance in poverty which is dwelling among us now. The reality is, it’s possible to change ourselves from this extreme poverty to success. We must be convenience that, if we pulled together from this draw back, we can transform South Sudan to be among the first African Countries and the world at large. Yes, others did it and so we can!

However, it’s only in Africa and South Sudan in Particular where when one works hard to fight poverty to develop a region, one is libeled politically. It baffles me why any leader anywhere in the world remains comfortable year after year as a leader of the very poor? A leader should be proud to lead people who are also doing well economically. People who are looked onto power at times loss focus of the bigger picture of sustainable development.

“The biggest picture is desperate people staggering in poverty while we play politics. Remember, it’s our duty to work to transform lives”.

It saddens me that some leaders see every move as a threat to their comfort level and their control level and to their control of power. It has always been about them. Well, this is the time for the people. It’s not about me or any other leader but it’s about the rights of the people who we should serve to become independent. We should all join hands together and focus on improving our people’s lives and not just ourselves.

Be ready to working with everybody as long the agenda is fighting poverty for sustainable development not just perpetuating same old power play politics of empty rhetoric, empty promises, tribal hatred and infighting. Running your responsibility is like driving a car that pulls to one side. If you don’t make frequent course corrections, you’ll end up at the wrong destination. Beware of these problems that can pull your work off track:

Poorly defined mission. Are you and other stakeholders on the same page regarding desired outcomes? Even the most brilliant end product will be rejected if it doesn’t meet the client’s expectations. Begin by gathering the key players and getting consensus on goals and results.

Confused roles. Have you clearly defined the functions of every person on your team? If not, people may stumble over one another duplicating some jobs while other tasks are left undone. Don’t leave the starting gate until you’ve made sure all your team members understand their roles.

Insufficient follow-up. You can’t leave team members to their own devices and assume everything will work out. Monitor progress to ensure what you promised to deliver hasn’t gotten off track. Ask people for regular updates on the status of their assignments, and share the information you receive with everyone on the system.

• Last-minute surprises. If you receive information that will have an impact on the outcome of your work, then share it immediately with the rest of your team.

I believe this prognosis will enable you meet your objectives and needs of the poor society for their well-being in South Sudan because the prolonged civil war in South Sudan devastated the economic base of the people leading to harsh economic conditions. This not only increased the suffering of the people but led them to poverty in its various forms. The dependency syndrome due to lack of self-reliance initiative more especially among women, drop out school girls resulting from high rate of illiteracy & poor productive skills can’t be forgotten of and this is the Focus.

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