What is organic? The first time I heard this word was maybe five years ago, when I went to the supermarket and I saw packed vegetables and fruits that looked cleaner and more more expensive than the regular ones. I came to know that they are organic, which means that they are planted without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. Later, the word organic started to have a more comprehensive and wider meaning than food, it simply meant “naturally”, or for me “the way God created things.”

Two days ago I watched “Food, Inc.”, a great and eye-opening documentary about the disaster of processed food and meat, and what’s happening in the food industry that isn’t revealed to the consumers, or should I say the victims.

The documentary broke my heart, it gave me a glimpse of the greed for power and money that is controlling the world economy and turning the creatures into slaves and eventually victims for this monster. Today, every beautiful thing is exploited and abused to serve the ill desires of a handful few who control the world. All of God’s creatures- the nature, the animals and even humans- are abused in a sick way, and for what?

I’m not a big environmentalist myself, but it need only someone with common sense to resist the way the world is functioning today. A big part of the problem is ignorance of the public about what kind of path and habits they are being dragged into. The public awareness about the big picture has to increase and to see their consumption habits in a different light, in order to see new alternatives that serve them- and the world around them- good.

I advise everyone to watch this movie and to start educating themselves about..mm..everything!

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