Before meeting Muslim fellow friends, I did not know about Muslim enough.
All I knew about this religion is from media.
You does not portray this religion positively these days.
Since knowing only this limited information about the religion, I did not have a good image about it. Moreover, my country does not have a big Muslim population.
Therefore, I did not have enough accesses to Muslim culture.

However, coming to the U.S through this fellowship, I have met many different and diverse Muslim fellows than I expected.
At first, it was interesting to see them and some of them wearing hijab. During the break of GLL, I saw them praying in the corner.
Second, it was interesting to see how they find Halal food. For me, I just buy the meats, especially for the cheap ones and good quality. When I went to the grocery store with the Muslim fellow friend, I saw him looking for Halal meats. I asked what Halal meats are. He explained that the way they are slaughtered is different. It was quite fascinating to see the differences of the meat.
Later on, I saw some Muslim fellows pray about 5 times a day. As a Christian, seeing them praying that often inspired me so much. I asked myself, “How many times do I pray a day?” , I can’t answer for that because I don’t pray that often. It really made me think about myself being a religious person in a different perspective. I need to thank and pray God with putting more efforts from my heart.

I got to respect about this religion so much and it is actually a lot different than I thought.
It is such a great opportunity for me to open my eyes in a different perspective.

Thank you guys!

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