Before I moved to the US, I used to work as a volunteer at ONG Viver, a Brazilian nonprofit that takes care of underprivileged children with cancer by providing medical and dental care, scholarships, food and support for their families. Due to its proximity with the cancer hospital, the children walk to our building and find a place where they can rest, play, eat and receive the attention and love they deserve.

ONG Viver started with a small group of people who would visit the cancer hospital every week, and felt that they could do more. They rented a nearby house, repaired it and opened it to the community. Doctors, dentists, psychologists and volunteers from all over the city joined efforts, and the organization became a home for the many patients of the cancer hospital.

When I left 4 years ago, we had moved our headquarters to another house, while our main building was being completely rebuilt and renovated. It is now located in the same land, but the house is much bigger and able to cater for more children.

My mother went to visit them yesterday and she reported that they are now supporting over 300 children and their families. They do so thanks a group of amazing volunteers and the generous donations (in kind or not) that they receive every month.

When I think of the nonprofit sector in Brazil, ONG Viver is the first organization that comes to my mind. Yes, it is close to my heart, but it also is a role model for its transparency, strategic priorities and competency.

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