One month is probably not a long enough period of time to have accurate experience insights to share. Yet, here I go!

1. I made it here!

I never thought that I will one day be part of MIT D-Lab’s team in Cambridge, Boston, and here I am. I have the opportunity to be here through Atlas Corps, to be part of this team of smart and friendly individuals, to be immersed in the design for development experience to alleviate poverty in the world, and luckily enough, and to be part of a project taking place in Morocco, my home country!

Being part of such a great environment and doing the work I’m doing represents a significant milestone of how far I have come and how far I still have to go.

2. I’m meeting amazing humans

On one hand, meeting all the other Atlas Corps fellows coming from different cultures and backgrounds, AND sharing common concerns for the world and passion for development is powerful, inspiring, and a strong confidence anchor to keep me working in the sector. On the other hand, I am meeting a number of different people in Boston through my local ambassadors, my colleagues, or my housemates.

People are the core of what makes an experience worthy or not, from the numerous people I meet, I’m intentionally sticking to the ones I find amazing.

3. It’s mostly up to me

Based on my own experience in my host organisation the past month, It turns out It’s definitely up to me to make the most out of my work experience, learn what I want to learn and what I have to learn to achieve my goals. Speaking up, taking initiatives, committing, delivering, compromising, and being kind is in my opinion the key to have a balanced work relationship with the host organisation and make the most out of it.

4. Boston is just BEAUTIFUL!

Boston is the oldest city in the US, It’s a place where everything is historical and the architecture is a reminder of the transformations in American history. Boston is also an thriving environment for very forward-thinking and barrier-breaking innovations, especially in biotech. Also, Boston is a place where seafood is everywhere and delicious, and where sports is NOT a joke!

5. I’m actually managing to live on a limited stipend. (Wait… whaat?)

Budget management is a must-have skill in order to sustain our lives with our stipends. And my first month is a success! I know, I just lived ONE month in Boston, right? Chill, It’s MY success.

Based on this first month fellowship experience, I am very optimistic about the months to come and what they have to bring. And most importantly, I am grateful.

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