Lack of access to basic needs such as healthcare and education prevent the development of emerging countries. Many challenges are occurring and the need to support fragile economic situations should involve collaboration of private, public and international aid institutions. With a deep understanding of the local economic context, the effort of local authorities to strengthen the culture of collaborative spirit helps to achieve better impact. Developing solutions that helps nations grow starts with identifying the roots of problems that prevent economic growth.

Every developing country has its own challenges; however, strategies on addressing solutions can be common. Supporting governmental institutions such as municipalities and other governmental institutions through providing technical assistance to improve their services and employee potential to become more qualified. Promoting a culture of economic advocacy through research and opportunity exchange. In addition to that, building the capacity of institutional, private, and non-profit stakeholders in entrepreneurship, education, economic development, policy reform and governance. An additional solution is working on implementing educational reforms with local ministries of education to support both teachers and students. I would contribute to enhance the role of existing career development centers that support students to provide them with the right skills to become employable. Access to internet in most vulnerable communities to enable access to information and improving online learning in schools and academic institutions will generate better positioning for future generation to become competitive and equipped with 21th century skills. On the other hand, companies play a crucial role in addressing solutions on global challenges. Companies can contribute to supporting public and individual finances and advance the growth of societies.

Achieving this success is realized within the spectrum of tri-sector partnership between private public and non-governmental agencies, consisting on sending group of individuals from different countries and different set of skills to emerging growth market to implement community-driven economic development projects.

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