In two weeks, I’ll be jetting off to Melbourne, Australia to attend the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit where I’ll be meeting with 29 other professionals from 20 countries who were selected as next generation leaders in government, business, arts, media, and the nonprofit sector.

Asia 21 is a network of more than 800 young leaders from 40 nations, collaborating to shape a bright future for the Asia-Pacific region.  I was selected through a highly competitive process based on outstanding achievement, commitment to public service, and a proven ability to make the world a better place.

This year’s summit under the theme World Disrupted: Asia’s Future, will feature lectures and site visits focusing on geopolitics in the region to social innovation.  We will also have the opportunity to collaborate together in developing and implementing a community project.

I can’t wait to meet the others, to exchange, and learn from them!

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