Last month I spent four days of joys and delights; I received an invitation from my lovely friend Carly to spend a vacation at her parents’ house in Oak Island. I was so exciting; it was me first real journey in US, I could not imagine what it would be like.

We decided to start our journey on Frida y night, so we can save one day more in the island. All the way long, we made breaks for dinner and gas, it was a long journey; we spent 9 hours on the way. When we arrived it was almost 2 am, we were so tired and exhausted, but surprise welcoming card and gift I found it on my bed from Carly’s parents, made me feel relaxed, it was welcoming card and gift.

In the morning, we walked to the beach; I closed my eyes and heard the waves, I felt happy, fresh and excited. It was a busy day; we visited the aquarium on the other side of the island, and it was so fun to saw the lazy crocodile, bright jellyfish, big sharks and hundred types of fishes. On our way back to home, we took the ferry; the scene was incredible; the ocean looked quite, and the island looked so green. We had a very delicious dinner at an excellent restaurant near the beach. We spent the night at home, watching Ghana vs. US game; when I cheered for the both teams, and this is another story.

Oh, I forget to mention the civil war museum, it was a small building if I compare it with DC’s museums, but it gives you enough information about the role of that area in the civil war. On the third day, we headed up to Wilmington; it is a port city. The historic part of the city is amazing, ancient and beautiful building, they usually filming movies in the photocity. The most important part of this vacation is when we went kayaking; it is my first time. Wendy taught me how to do it; she is so good.

Oak Island is such a beautiful place; I will never forget the touch of cold and chilly water and the smell of fresh air, and, of course, the generosity and hospitalities of Hick’s family.

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