oppressionSelective humanity is a ground reality, but is often disguised in the name of targeted intervention and preservation of order, culture, faith, and even most shocking, preservation of human race itself.

We live every day in the oppression of Isms; …sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism, etc. and the burden of privilege that has evolved with every new generation of a new ism. Our understanding of questioning these privileges is watered down as acts of rebellion and where possible, punitive laws and harsh punishments are used to intimidate and eradicate the nonconformists.

Is Might always RIGHT?

Is there a simple answer to the question of how to change? Why are we so quick to judge without removing the logs in our own eyes first? Are the isms of oppression so ingrained in us that we are unable to make right RIGHTS? Why do we deny the intersectionality of oppressions even when it stares right back at us when we look at each other?

It is not an easy task for one person to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. We do not need to look beyond us for other people to dictate what is defined as right and not RIGHT. We are all born equal, and everything else is inculcated to us. Sometimes we do not question these inculcations because we grow comfortable being in them but does it strip us of what makes us basically common?

We carry on unashamed, acts of vilifying those we do not understand, those we look down upon, those who are different from us, ignoring the diversity that is us.

What can be done? Perhaps we should become more aware, brave up and not cower in fear or embarrassment when speaking up about sensitive RIGHTS issues. It has been for decades, and continues to be, a struggle for those who question status quos, those who ask questions that make us fidget in our seats, those who expressly denounce segregation and vindictive, subjective, plain selfish interpretations of what is right, ignoring what is RIGHT.

NOW is the right time to do what is RIGHT. It’s a road less travelled, with unimaginable challenges when looks of fear and defeat stare back from those who are unable to speak up for themselves. Heartbreaking when tears from pain flow from us and around us. The RIGHTS path is a struggle for us, but the rewards of even the slightest positive change is so rewarding and outweighs all negative consequences.

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