Exciting news – Atlas Corps is expanding in Latin America! In addition to our Fellowship opportunities in Colombia, we also now offer placements in Chile. We encourage applicants to be keep an open mind about serving in either country. Since placements are dependent on Host Organization needs/interest, it increases an applicant’s chances of being selected if there is interest in both countries.  Our March 2012 Class will be the first Class that goes to Chile. In terms of structure, the Chile division of the Latin American program will be similar to Colombia.


Atlas Corps is an overseas fellowship for the world’s best nonprofit leaders. Our mission is to address critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals.


The Atlas Corps Fellowship is a 12-month, direct-service fellowship offered twice a year (March and September). Fellows serve at Host Organizations such as Ashoka, the Grameen Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Susan G. Komen, the UN Foundation, Oxfam, WWF, and the U.S. Peace Corps. In addition to serving at an organization related to their experience, Fellows will learn leadership skills and nonprofit best practices while networking with skilled nonprofit professionals from around the world.


Atlas Corps seeks nonprofit leaders from around the world (every nation, including the U.S.) to apply for a March 2012 Fellowship in the U.S. or Latin America. Candidates cannot serve in their home country. This prestigious fellowship includes health insurance, the Atlas Corps Nonprofit Management Series training program, flight and visa costs, and a living stipend to cover basic expenses (food, transportation, housing).


Eligibility Requirements:

– 2 or more years of relevant experience in the nonprofit/NGO/social sector

– Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

– English proficiency (oral, writing, reading)

– 35 years or younger (average age is 28 years old)

– Applying to volunteer in a country other than where you are from

– Commitment to return to your home country after the 12-18 month fellowship

– Applicants to the Latin America program must have Spanish proficiency

– Applicants may be from any country, including U.S. citizens going overseas

Questions about Atlas Corps Fellowship to the U.S.? Email apply@atlascorps.org


Questions about Atlas Corps Fellowship to Latin America? Email applybogota@atlascorps.org

To apply, visit https://atlascorps.org/apply.php, and click ‘Apply to Latin America.’ Thank you for your interest in Atlas Corps.

We hope to see you apply!

-The Atlas Corps Team


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