Little more than 3 months ago I was packing my bags to arrive at Washington DC and begin a life changing journey as an Atlas Corps Fellow. It just seems like yesterday, that I along with my 21 fellow fellows entered the room as the NEOs. I still remember the applause, excitement on everyone‘s face to see the new class, the new leaders from various countries. It still feels it all happened a while ago.

But suddenly our Neo crown has been taken. In less than 3 weeks we are ready to welcome our newest class, Class 19 to join the Atlas Corps family. What makes them special is that this is the biggest class ever from countries across the world. In the plethora of opportunities, that this experience provides us, here is another opportunity to meet 35 new people, known about them and their culture, politics and best practices.

Hence, this blog is to ‘Welcome the NEOs’.

You are the new people in town and we warmly welcome you to the family. I hope you all are ready to embrace this new life, forge new friendship out of which some will last a lifetime. This opportunity will allow you to learn and unlearn, to fail and see it as a stepping stone to success and not failure. Make the most of it.  Meet, collaborate, network and innovate.

When you start work at your respective host organization, be sure you are there to give your best shot. Make sure that one year down the line when you leave the host organization, they wish and ask Atlas Corps to find another fellow, just like you. The new organization will provide you with various perspectives and in return you shall enrich them with your young experiences and energetic ideas. Every assignment big or small will give you learning. So do come with an open and accepting mind. Things will be new and it will require effort to keep pace with everything. But we are rock stars, aren’t we?

Hope to meet everyone soon.

Welcome class 19 J



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